NO LONGER AVAILABLE: 42 Duplex Homes (84 Units) + 39 Single Family Detached

Kansas City Missouri



This site is a 7-minute drive to a newly approved Amazon Distribution facility just announced this month. The project is fully developed with all roads, utilities, and infrastructure in place. The site is ready to have an investor purchase and immediately start building the housing units. The site sits just north of an already existing subdivision, across the street from the Belton Medical Center and near numerous commercial and housing developments. The numbers make the development work excellent as a rental community or as a for sale community. The area has a strong renter base where demand is already outpacing supply as well as strong demand for “for-sale” housing at this price point. Download the project Offering Memorandum and P&L below.

Adam talks to the local collector of taxes in Belton Missouri and reveals why this market has rental demand that is exploding and why rental communities like this one are in such high demand.


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