Sourcing Build-for-Rent Market Insights for Builders

Strata provides insight, guidance and services for builders and land and lot developers looking to better understand how their project(s) fit into the Build-For-Rent model.

What We Do

We analyze opportunities to the specifications of what many investors are looking for in B4R projects including location, materials, floor plans, unit sizes, and other asset characteristics that lend themselves to the Build-For-Rent vertical. We understand the financial side of what makes a project fit as a B4R and can quickly underwrite and provide guidance on new construction, land or lot projects our clients have in their pipeline.

Many builders and developers continually struggle to keep up with the latest trends in Build-For-Rent. They are left wondering if putting their project down the B4R path is the best option to maximize a project’s profits and minimize its time to sell. At Strata, we know very well what makes a project good, bad or so-so and are here to help our builder and developer clients do the same.

What makes Strata unique is that we provide guidance from our interaction with dozens of investment firms of varying sizes, strategies and capital resources. We are a one-to-many relationship.

Benefits of Working with Strata

Strata provides SFR/B4R industry insights to builders, keeping them up to date with where active investors in the market are buying, what they are looking for and how they are structuring deals. We will analyze a builder’s full pipeline of projects including land, lots and under-construction projects and analyze them the way Build-For-Rent funds do. This way we can provide pricing guidance, product guidance and go-to-market strategies which can help builders decide what sites work best as B4R.

Once a site is chosen and the decision to go to market as a Build-For-Rent has been reached, Strata will identify and engage potential investors that can make likely buyers or partners, in order to facilitate an exit through the B4R market. Once an SFR/B4R buyer is engaged, Strata will help secure and structure the deal and work closely with all parties through closing.

Financial Underwriting

There are many different capital investors that look for a variety of B4R projects to invest in. Each has a unique way of underwriting financials. At Strata, we analyze the financials of your project and provide guidance on pricing and target return.

Asset Level Underwriting

We analyze the location and asset characteristics of your project and provide guidance on a host of items that will help it better fit the Build-For-Rent model.

Individual Attention

We focus on each client individually and aim to understand your specific business goals, then educate builders and developers on whether a B4R strategy is right for a specific project.

Deep Relationships in the Build-For-Rent and Single-Family Rental Space

We have spent years forging relationships that get our Build For Rent offerings recognized, making us a great choice to sell your next project as a Build-For-Rent project.

Services We Offer Builders

Strata systematically engages new and existing SFR and B4R firms in order to help builders choose attractive projects that speak to the needs of the market. Strata keeps up with the latest industry trends which helps our clients stay ahead of the curve in the B4R vertical

Builders choose Strata SFR because we have a wide array of capital sources including debt and equity searching for good projects in which to invest. With Strata, you’ll have access to a network of reliable investors.

Full Pipeline Analysis

  • Identification of projects that fit the B4R model including geography, product fit, and pricing
  • Process review to help deliver more streamlined B4R projects
  • Consulting on product type, materials, unit layout and project size
  • Negotiation and structuring of B4R deals between builder, investor and lenders
  • Oversight and facilitation of the closing process

Why Builders Choose Strata

Clients choose Strata because we understand this asset type better than anyone. With over a decade of experience in the Single-Family Rental Industry, we have overseen the acquisition and disposition of hundreds of millions in SFR/B4R volume, including Single-Family Rental Portfolios and Build for Rent projects throughout the US.

We take the time to thoroughly research each SFR portfolio and B4R project brought to us and provide objective advice on the best way to execute a B4R or SFR portfolio purchase or sale. While many can offer advice in the space, very few have the ability to offer the type of insight that Strata can and execute as well. To us, being able to execute a strategy is every bit as important as creating the right plan.

Access the Inner Circle

As part of our Inner Circle, you will receive consistent, current market intelligence gathered from some of the top investment funds and private equity firms active in the Single-Family Rental market today. Some of the insight you will receive will include data gathered via our proprietary, ongoing survey to US SFR investors which gathers data such as:

  • Locations (markets and submarkets) investors are looking in
  • Model Types and Square footage investors want
  • Demographic guidance
  • Rental Ranges
  • Expense assumptions
  • Required Cap Rates
  • Project sizes (in unit # and dollar volume)
  • Purchase arrangements and preferred deal structures
  • Take out Capital vs Development Capital Opportunities

If you are a builder or developer that is focused on markets throughout the Southeast United States, we want you in our inner circle. We have a very deep bench of investors hungry for projects of all sizes.

Join the Inner Circle
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