SFR Portfolio and Build-For-Rent Brokerage Services

What We Do

Strata SFR is a specialized brokerage focused on both Single-Family Rental Portfolios and Build-For Rent Projects.

When it comes to Build-For-Rent opportunities, Strata SFR connects developers and builders of residential real estate to highly vetted and active SFR Investment funds. These investors are committed to building and operating Build-For-Rent projects, including Single Family Detached Homes and Townhomes, in key markets throughout the US.

Few firms have sold more SFR Single-Family Rental portfolios than Strata. We have a decade of experience analyzing, packaging, and crafting disposition programs for professional investment firms. These are firms that operate SFR portfolios in key markets throughout the US, and Strata SFR understands that to achieve success, execution is everything. That is why some of the most successful SFR Investment firms buy and sell their portfolios through us.

Our SFR Brokerage services are quality-focused & results driven

  • SFR Market Strategy
  • Project & Pipeline Analysis
  • Asset Level Analysis
  • Rental Data Procurement
  • Project Packaging
  • Strategic Partnerships With Capital Sources
  • Large Network Access
  • Personalized Project Attention
  • Market Expertise

We maximize return & identify peak performers

  • We key into markets that have fundamentally sound economic and population trends and look for developments that have a durable competitive advantage.
  • We focus on areas that exhibit a constrained supply of buildable land and constrained rental inventory.
  • We search for projects where the demand drivers for rental inventory are driven by job growth and access to amenities.

Core Brokerage Services

Brokering Build-For-Rent Projects

Strata SFR is a one-to-many relationship for builders and land developers. We have spent the time creating numerous relationships with a diverse array of Build-For-Rent investors active in the space. When Strata looks at a project, we can engage with a number of different kinds of investors in order to align with the goals and objectives of our builder and developer clientele. This is a key value to our builders and developers that creates multiple exit options as opposed to them engaging with a single investment firm directly, which are one-to-one relationships. Strata’s one-to-many access point into the Build-For-Rent sector can make all the difference.

At Strata SFR, we believe it all starts with reputation. A developer and/or builder’s reputation and track record are the foundation of any project offering Strata brings to the market. Whether you’re a land developer with entitled land or ready lots, or a builder exploring the option of selling an entire subdivision to a Single-Family Rental Investor, Strata is a resource that will help define an exit strategy to the Build-For-Rent market. Whether it’s a current project you are preparing to sell or just looking to establish a channel through which future projects can flow, get to know us and let us get to know you.

Providing Inventory to Investors, Capital Sources and Real Estate Operators

Single-Family Rental opportunities are everywhere when you know where to look. Strata SFR has experience sourcing Single-Family Rental Portfolios and Build-For-Rent projects in key markets throughout the USA, primarily focused on the Southeast US. Through long-term relationships and market visibility, we have positioned ourselves to source opportunities and help our investor clientele capitalize on them.

Brokering Single-Family Rental Portfolios

As an SFR portfolio owner, you should spend as much time, attention and care in devising the exit strategy for your Single-Family Rental Portfolio as you spent building it. We know this asset class better than anyone. Let us help you maximize the value and exposure of your SFR portfolio.

Welcome to the Inner circle

At Strata SFR, we deliver value through connections and finding unique opportunities before they hit the market. That’s why we’ve created the Inner Circle for both investors and land developers/builders.

Investor Inner Circle

As part of Strata’s Investor Inner Circle, you will get a first look at our Single-Family Rental opportunities that fit your unique investment criteria.

Once joined, we will connect with you and catalog the markets and asset characteristics that fit your view of the market and investment thesis.

This is our way of creating massive value for real estate investment firms that entrust Strata to create continuous access to investment opportunities.

Business colleagues in conference room
Single family rental brokerage services

Builder Inner Circle

As part of our Builder Inner Circle, you will consistently receive current market intelligence gathered from some of the top investment funds and private equity firms active in the Single-Family Rental market today. Some of the insight you will receive will include data gathered from our investor onboarding process including:

  • Locations (markets and submarkets) investors are looking in
  • Model Types and Square footage investors want
    Demographic guidance
  • Rental Ranges
  • Expense assumptions
  • Required Cap Rates
  • Project sizes (in unit # and dollar volume)
  • Purchase arrangements and preferred deal structures
  • Take out Capital vs Partnership Capital

We deliver this data plus anything else landowners and builders want to know to create a more open and fluid market for new construction SFR projects.

Why Strata SFR

Founded in January 2020, Strata has facilitated Build-For-Rent projects mainly focused in the SouthEast US. We are proud that in our inaugural year, we put together five B4R projects including Single Family Detached and Townhome projects in major Southeast US markets including Atlanta, Charlotte, and Central Florida.

We are growing fast with new projects added to our pipeline monthly. Strata has dozens of institutional investors within our network, feeding Strata market intelligence and informing us on where the demand is.


Over the last decade, Strata has built our network of SFR Industry investment firms, real estate operators, and trusted financing partners in addition to a deep bench of firms active in the multi-family space. We leverage these relationships for our clients looking to gain an access point to the Single-Family Rental and Build-For-Rent sector.


Strata’s team, led by founder Adam Stern, has transacted on more Single-Family Rental assets than any other single professional broker in the SFR industry.

Stern has built a firm presence in the institutional Single-Family Rental space since its emergence in 2010. Over the past decade, he has made a career listing and selling existing SFR assets to and for some of the largest institutional investors in the space, as well as newly emerging private equity groups.

Stern has over a decade of real estate experience and, before launching Strata SFR, he was the president and co-founder of an online Single-Family Rental Property marketplace that was sold in 2019.


Boasting millions of dollars of Single-Family Rental transactions listed and closed over the last decade, Strata’s leadership gives clients a competitive advantage in the fastest growing real estate investment vertical.


The Strata team excels at placing projects in the right light to attract the right investors. With our unique marketing style and an ever-expanding network of industry participants, the attention each project receives is unrivaled in today’s market.

Our Process

Strata runs a very specific and highly effective process for both SFR Portfolio Dispositions as well as for Build-For-Rent project placement. Our step-by-step process for both asset types ensures our clients get the best possible results.

For SFR Portfolio Owners

  1. We start by doing an in-depth analysis of your SFR portfolio including asset and rental market pricing, identifying strengths and weaknesses of your portfolio and advising on a target exit price and exit strategy.
  2. We can devise an On-Market or Off-Market disposition strategy. For On-Market strategies, we will create an easy-to-understand and highly consumable investment deck for your SFR portfolio. We will expose it to a wide array of investment firms through a concerted and wide-reaching marketing campaign aimed at SFR buyers that have been developed through years of brand marketing. For Off-Market strategies, we handpick firms that have been pre-vetted for their interest and ability to buy assets like the homes you own and operate. We target buyers that have current portfolios that overlay closely with your portfolio and that have current buy criteria and capital resources that will match well with the Cap Rate and price point at which your portfolio is being offered.
  3. We will engage buyers and create competitive bidding amongst the participants to provide the owner of the portfolio with the assurance that when we reach a final price for your portfolio, no money has been left on the table. We will facilitate the contract and inspection process and stay with you every step of the way until the day of closing.

For Build-For-Rent Portfolios

  1. We will analyze your project at whatever stage you are currently in and advise on a price point and deal structure that will allow your project to align well with potential investment capital that Strata will engage later in the process.
  2. We will handpick investment firms that have a target price and asset criteria that match well with the project we will introduce. Once targeted investment firms are chosen, we will engage these firms on your behalf and work through the process of getting a proposal on your desk on a predictable timetable.
  3. Once we have an investment firm engaged, we will facilitate the contract and due diligence process until the day of closing.