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Self-Contained/Single-Site Communities

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Investing in “Build For Rent” (BFR) in self-contained or single-site communities is a real estate investment strategy where developers construct single-family rental properties with the specific intention of holding them for the rental market. These rental properties are typically built within a self-contained or single-site community, which means the entire development is planned as a single entity with its own amenities and shared spaces. This investment approach has gained popularity due to the growing demand for rental properties and the benefits it offers to both investors and tenants. Read on and contact Strata SFR to learn more about how investing in Build For Rent works in self-contained/single-site communities.

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The Build For Rent Concept

  • Build For Rent refers to the construction of residential properties specifically designed for rental purposes rather than for sale. The developer focuses on creating units that appeal to renters and meet the needs of the local rental market.
  • Self-contained or single-site communities are planned developments that may offer a range of amenities and services within the community, such as parks, playgrounds, gyms, swimming pools, shopping centers, and other recreational facilities.

The Investment Process

  • Market Research: Before undertaking a Build For Rent project, developers and investors conduct market research to identify areas with strong rental demand and potential for rental income growth. Factors such as population growth, employment opportunities, and demographic trends are considered.
  • Site Selection: Once a suitable location is identified, the developer acquires the land for the self-contained community and obtains the necessary permits and approvals for the project.
  • Property Design: The developer designs the rental properties within the community with the specific needs of renters in mind. The goal is to create attractive, functional, and cost-effective units that align with the target market’s preferences.
  • Construction and Development: The rental properties are constructed, along with the amenities and shared spaces that enhance the overall appeal of the community.
  • Property Management: After completion, the developer or an appointed property management company oversees the day-to-day operations, tenant management, and maintenance of the rental properties.
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Benefits of Investing in Build For Rent in Self-Contained or Single-Site Communities

  • Strong Rental Demand: In areas with a growing rental market, Build For Rent properties in self-contained communities can attract tenants seeking a convenient and amenity-rich lifestyle.
  • Steady Cash Flow: Rental properties in self-contained communities tend to generate consistent cash flow due to the demand for well-maintained and convenient living spaces.
  • Lower Vacancy Rates: Properties located within desirable self-contained communities often experience lower vacancy rates, as the amenities and shared spaces increase tenant satisfaction and retention.
  • Potential for Appreciation: Well-planned and well-maintained self-contained communities may experience property appreciation over time, contributing to the overall return on investment.
  • Diversification: Investing in a self-contained community with a mix of rental properties allows for portfolio diversification, reducing the risk associated with a single investment property.


  • Market Research: Thorough market research is crucial to ensure that the location and type of Build For Rent properties align with the needs and preferences of the target rental market.
  • Developer’s Track Record: Investing in Build For Rent projects requires confidence in the developer’s ability to deliver quality properties and effectively manage the community.
  • Long-Term Outlook: Investors should have a long-term investment horizon as Build For Rent projects may take time to reach full occupancy and achieve the desired return on investment.

Overall, investing in Build For Rent in self-contained or single-site communities can be an attractive strategy for real estate investors looking to capitalize on the demand for rental properties and the lifestyle preferences of modern renters. It offers the potential for steady rental income, property appreciation, and portfolio diversification within a well-planned community.

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