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Single Family Rental Portfolio Broker (SFR)

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Strata SFR is a highly specialized brokerage focused on the listing and sale of Single Family Rental portfolios nationwide. Strata has experience in this focused segment going back more than a decade. We have led the disposition of SFR portfolios ranging from less than 10 units to hundreds of units. As a dedicated SFR Portfolio Brokerage, Strata helps owners of multiple property portfolios devise and execute a disposition strategy that results in a highly efficient sale while ensuring maximum value upon the sale is achieved. Read on to learn how Strata can help you with your SFR portfolio.

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SFR Portfolio Types 

Strata works with SFR Portfolio owners on a diverse array of SFR Portfolio types including:

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Who Buys SFR Portfolios From Strata? 

The disposition strategy has been developed over more than a decade of packaging, pricing, and selling these portfolios to a diverse array of SFR investors including:

  • Institutional SFR Funds
  • Private Real Estate Funds
  • Professional Real Estate Investors
  • Family Offices
  • High Net Worth Individuals

What Does the SFR Portfolio Sales Process Look Like? 

Strata SFR employs a time-tested process that starts with us working in an advisory capacity for our SFR Portfolio clients and ends with a systematic sale of the portfolio to high-value, targeted investors. The process includes:

  • Portfolio Pricing
  • Portfolio Packaging
  • Creation of a Portfolio Sales Presentation
  • Buyer Targeting/Buyer Outreach
  • Due Diligence Oversight
  • Closing Oversight

What Is An SFR Portfolio? 

An SFR Portfolio refers to multiple rental properties–usually Single Family Detached Homes, 2-4 Unit Homes, and Townhomes, sold as a group. A portfolio generally has one operator that is charged with overseeing the management of the portfolio either through a third-party property management firm or directly managed by the owner.

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Why Sell Rental Properties As a Portfolio? 

When people refer to selling a portfolio, generally, they are talking about selling all homes owned in a single transaction to a single buyer. There are several advantages of selling rental properties packaged as a portfolio vs. one-by-one sales through the MLS or through traditional real estate brokers. Some of these advantages include:

  • Being able to sell all homes with tenants in place, without vacating the properties
  • Selling all homes without having to do rehabs or renovations on each property
  • Avoiding the time and headache of selling multiple properties to multiple buyers
  • Reducing the cost of sale including paying higher brokerage fees, rehab costs, and vacancy days
  • Ability to do a 1031 exchange into a larger real estate investment

What Are the Different Types of SFR Portfolios That Strata SFR Specializes in Selling? 

  • Single Market SFR Portfolios
  • Multi-Market SFR Portfolios
  • Seller Financed/Seller Note Carry Portfolios
  • Value Add Portfolios
  • Stabilized SFR Portfolios

How do you price an SFR Portfolio? 

SFR Portfolio sales are a hybrid of a traditional home sale and a commercial property sale. The pricing and packaging strategy includes a multiple-step process that Strata SFR guides you through:

  • Individual property retail pricing, generally done by utilizing multiple Automated Valuation Models (AVMs). This allows an owner to understand the top-end value of each home
  • Estimating deferred maintenance and potential Capital Expenditures (Cap Ex) that an end buyer would have to spend in order to maximize each home’s value
  • Calculating the As-Is value of each home based on the Retail Value and assumed Cap-Ex
  • Identifying the top-end market rents each home can achieve once its value is maximized through renovations
  • Calculating current returns vs future potential returns in order to come up with an appropriate total portfolio value
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