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Join Strata’s network to gain access to new Single Family Rental, Build For Rent, and Lot-Sale opportunities sourced by Strata SFR and exclusive to network members.

Strata SFR’s network is comprised of a wide range of Single Family Rental industry players and entrepreneurs including active institutional investors and operators in the Single Family Rental and Build For Rent space, privately held real estate funds and their capital backers, sponsors, builders, and developers.

Strata Network Members get:

By joining the Strata buyer network, you get immediate access to Strata's network of active SFR, build-for-rent, and lot opportunities that are not available to the general public. Once part of our network, you'll be eligible to join the ultra-exclusive Strata Inner Circle. Strata Inner Circle members get exclusive first looks at new Strata deals before anyone else, access to our off-market database, and personalized opportunities that align with their core investment objectives.

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