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How Rising Interest Rates Are Affecting SFR Portfolio Owners with Bruce McNeilage

It’s no secret that interest rates are on the rise, and this is starting to have a big impact on the real estate market. In particular, it’s causing a lot of investors who own single-family rental portfolios to sell off their properties.

In this episode of Inside SFR, Adam Stern talks with Bruce McNeilage, Co-founder & CEO of Kinloch Partners. Bruce is an industry insider in the Single-Family Rental space of real estate investment.

Here we focused on the current event of rising interest rates and how they are affecting investors of many different sizes. As well as whether or not the opportunity to sell a portfolio of homes is still as advantageous to sell today versus last month or next month.

If you’re an investor who owns a portfolio of SFRs, now is the time to start paying close attention to what’s happening in the market and make sure you’re prepared for whatever comes next.

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