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Why Choose Our Build-For-Rent Brokerage?

Strata SFR is a leading and purpose-built SFR real estate portfolio and build-for-rent brokerage that helps portfolio owners, builders, developers, and real estate investors maximize their exposure to the single-family rental market. Our experienced team strives to provide unparalleled service in connecting our customers with reliable professionals in this lucrative industry. Contact us today to get started.

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Data-Driven Approach

Our build-for-rent brokerage is powered by data. We analyze market trends, shifts in consumer preferences, and tenant demographics to deliver highly informed strategies to build portfolios that are tailored for success.

Comprehensive Solutions

We provide comprehensive solutions and services that cover the build-for-rent ecosystem, from pre-development consultation to property management services. Our build-for-rent portfolio and build-for-rent brokerage solutions are tailored to our clients’ needs, whether they are individuals or institutions looking to build, own, or manage their build-for-rent real estate portfolios.

13+ Years of Experience

We have over 13 years of experience in build-for-rent brokerages and real estate consults. Our team is knowledgeable, experienced, and focused on delivering the best build-for-rent solutions to our clients.

Access To a Valuable Inner Circle

We have access to a powerful inner circle of build-for-rent professionals such as building consultants, architects, engineers, and property managers who will provide you with all the resources needed for successful build-for-rent investments.

Get a Free SFR Portfolio Analysis

Strata SFR is the build-for-rent brokerage of choice for investors wanting to enter or expand their build-for-rent portfolios. We are committed to helping build build-for-rent portfolios that exceed expectations in terms of performance and ROI. Contact us today for a free build-for-rent portfolio analysis and to discuss how our build-for-rent brokerage can help you build your real estate portfolio.

Get A FREE SFR Portfolio Analysis!

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